What is this thing?

GoodChat is a webapp that you can use to search for people who are attending the same conference as you, based on shared interests, languages, and technologies. Then you can chat and maybe meet up in person!

It makes it easier to meet people you have things in common with, and ease the anxiety that networking in a large group of people can cause.

We made it because we know the struggle of trying to meet new people at conferences, and we thought we could help.

Who made it?

Keira and Sky, two ordinary developers who go to a lot of conferences. We also run meetniq.org.

Is it part of Demo Conference?

No. This is our beta, and we are testing it by running an instance for attendees at Demo Conference. We are in no way affiliated with Demo Conference, and any mistakes we make are not their fault!

That being said, we do expect you to follow Demo Conference's code of conduct while you use GoodChat though.

What happens with my data?

The whole database for each conference is deleted within a week of the conference ending.

We only use your data to run the GoodChat service. We won't use it for anything else. The privacy policy has the details.

How does it make money?

Right now, it doesn't.

If the beta is goes well, we'll start approaching conferences to support us.

Can we have GoodChat for our conference?

Yes you can!

Email us at humans@redandblack.io and we can work something out.